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 260 page photo memoir •  cloth bound slipcase  2nd printing
 sharing with love my photographs and memories from the 80’s on

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Welcome to the second printing of  Alive with the Dead: A Fly on the Wall with a Camera, a compendium of Grateful Dead photos and stories from an insider point of view. The first printing was made possible by my Kickstarter supporters (I am so proud to list you all and share my gratitude both in the book and on the Supporting Wall page). Why another Grateful Dead photo book? Not only will this be a striking and beautifully produced compendium of my photography in an 12” x 9” hardcover landscape format, but there is more to this story, and I want to share it with you… Alive represents 25 years of my photographic work with the Grateful Dead and their later shape-shifting incarnations, providing a visual history of them not only performing at a whole bunch of shows but also offstage, pursuing outside interests and activities, many of which not only did good for the world but brought together some strange and wonderful combinations of people. Of course it all starts with the band on stage, forever improvising from their rich oeuvre. The images in the book will offer a highly personal vision of the great time I had shooting the band, sharing my memories with you so that you can cherish them and your own! This book is a unique visual cross section of life around the Dead in the ‘middle age’ of the band when they were already rock stars, no longer the communal hippie family of the early days, but with their persona and influence rippling out steadily into the world to become the unique musical and cultural brand they remain today. Check out some comments and reviews!

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