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rabari tribesman - gujarat, india 1995shwedagon temple - yangon, myanmar, 2010fulani women leaving market - mali 2012getting dressed to perform, opera in chendgu, 1992the golden rock, myanmar, 2010lion dining, serengeti, tanzania 1995sunset at angkor wat - siem reap, cambodiaclouds clearing on kilimanjaro  - 2005kenya safari on the bad side of kilimanjaromountain gorilla - virunga national park, uganda 2006july 4, 2012, san francisconew orleans restaurant 2010san francisco 2001 pac bell ballparkmemphis 2010tuareg musician - festival au desert, timbuktu 2012the music never stops in new oceans - 2010traditional mali earrings- real gold! djenne, mali 2012salt caravan heading south - northern mali, 2012market - timbuktu mali 2012rabari nomads on the move - 1997Bayon Temple - Angkor Wat - Siem Reap, Cambodia 2010pushkar, india 1995gujarat, india 1995camels coming to the fair  - pushkar india 1995oak alley plantation - louisiana 2010tsavo national park - kenya, 2006star trails at monument valley 1989mississippi delta 2010