people are talking’ about the book…..


Ken Nordine got the book and had this to say:

Got the book today, it’s f…ing gorgeous!…as close to being music as photography can be.  Greg Anton

Oh Susana, with every shot you practice resurrection of our life and times.
Wavy Gravy

I just got my books, OMG, they are gorgeous! What a masterpiece, and you know I KNOW what I’m talking about in the music photography department after working with Jim Marshall and the JMP Estate over the course of nearly 20 years.
Caroline Rustigian Bruderer
The latest, and one of the best, is by Bay Area photographer Susana Millman who, along with her husband, author and publicist Dennis McNally, was part of the band’s inner circle from the mid-1980s. Since that time, Millman has been one of the most successful photojournalists at capturing the human side of the band members, crew, and family that make up the complex and ever-evolving society that was – and in many ways still is – the Grateful Dead
Michael Parrish
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